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Full cycle of Rachmaninov's Piano Concertos in Paris

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"Stanislav Kochanovsky and the Paris strings set up the most gorgeous pillow of sound [...] Kochanovsky immediately drew out its [Rachmaninov's The Rock] brooding nature [...] This hall allows every detail to register and – immaculately balanced by Kochanovsky's unfussy conducting – the performance glistened and growled.

Mark Pullinger, bachtrack

"'A good conductor ought to be a good chauffeur,” Rachmaninov once said, “the qualities that make the one also make the other. They are concentration, an incessant control of attention, and presence of mind; the conductor only has to add a little sense of music.” Stanislav Kochanovsky was a reliable chauffeur indeed, steering the Orchestre de Paris securely... the work's fireworks fizzed and there was plenty of menace in the Dies irae quotations too, echoed in Lugansky's encore..."

Mark Pullinger, bachtrack