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Kantorow, Kochanovsky et L’Orchestre de Paris – L’Art de la narration

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ConcertClassic.com | Alain Cochard
One week after the halls reopened to the public, the Orchester de Paris made its "comeback" under the direction of Stanislav Kochanovsky. After a complete Rachmaninov concertos (with Lugansky, Matsuev and Abduraimov) in 2019 and a concert to replace Tugan Sokhiev last October, the Russian artist (40 years old this year) found the Parisian musicians, with shared happiness if we judge by the deep complicity which reigned between the chief and his troops.
Kochanovsky obviously did a lot of preparation work with his instrumentalists; he's not there to be the background, nor is Kantorow to indulge in any solo virtuoso and show-off act. Throughout, the intelligence of their dialogue captivates.
The art of storytelling will have been the common denominator of the evening: magnified by the science of the maestro's stamps, Rimsky-Korsakov's Shéhérazade suite takes us into a fairy tale. In addition to the conductor's talent, success surely also stems from the pleasure the Orchester de Paris feels in immersing itself in a score it has not touched for ... ten years! A fabulous alchemy of timbres operates: Kochanovsky, with an authority as natural as he is smiling, is attentive to each section (Eiichi Chijiiwa is a solo violin of great purity) and releases the sound spells of the score with flexibility, a sense of phrasing and transitions. Under the spell, the little harmony shows itself at its best, but the maestro's taste for detail never hinders the deployment of the main line. A little more than forty minutes without the shadow of a downtime, under the guidance of a magnificent artist (whom we hope to see again in Paris!): An exceptional moment where we understand that if Debussy, Stravinsky and Schoenberg were the fathers of modern music, one of his most wonderful grandfathers is called Rimsky-Korsakov.
May all those absent be consoled: the concert will be broadcast on Radio Classique on June 12.