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Scriabin's “Mysterium” at the Klara Festival in Brussels

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After his debut with the Belgian National Orchestra in November, Stanislav Kochanovsky returns to Brussels on March 16th, as part of the international Klara Festival. Together with the Belgian National Orchestra and the Hungarian Radio Choir, he will perform Alexander Scriabin’s Prefatory Action to Mysterium. Scriabin himself has never completed his work, but his sketches were picked up by his compatriot Alexander Nemtim who developed them into a fully-fledged piece. The integrated spectacular effects and the light show will turn this concert into a unique performance.

“Mистерия” Скрябина в Брюсселе

Belgian National Orchestra
Hungarian Radio Choir
Stanislav Kochanovsky, conductor
Nadezhda Gulitskaya, soprano
Alexander Ghindin, piano
Friday, March 16 th , 8:00 p.m.
BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts