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Brahms Ein Deutsches Requiem in Budapest

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"Faith, Hope, Love…" - Brahms Ein Deutsches Requiem conducted by Stanislav Kochanovsky.

On November 2, 2018, 19:00, the German Requiem by Brahms will be performed at Grand hall of F. Liszt Academy of Music. The soloists will be Horti Lilla (soprano) and Csaba Szegedi (baritone), the MÁV Symphony Orchestra and the Kodály Choir Debrecen, conducted by Stanislav KOCHANOVSKY.

The concert is live broadcast by Radio Bartók.

Would you like to tell a bit about your experience in Hungary?
I’ve been in Hungary three times: twice with concerts in Liszt Academy and Danubia Orchestra Óbuda in 2016 and 2018. And I came to rehears Ligeti’s Requiem and Kodaly Psalmus Hungaricus with Hungarian National Choir and soloists for concert with title “Hungarian Night” with Belgian National Orchestra at BOZAR in Brussels. 
With the MÁV Symphony Orchestra this will be your first collaboration.
That's right and I'm looking forward to it! Last year I got an invitation to conduct Brahms German requiem. To be honest this Requiem was in my wish list to do. I sang it many times as a member of the Choir when I was young: in Glinka Capella boys Choir and later in Conservatoire Students Choir in St. Petersburg. I will conduct it for the first time in Budapest. 
Can you describe the monumental piece with only three words?
Faith, Hope, Love… 
And more words?
I think it’s interesting to know that:
German Requiem was composer’s first big success.
No other work of Brahms took as long as the German Requiem. 
It’s also the longest piece by the composer. 
Brahms himself personally selected quotes from the Lutheran Bible and none of the selected quotations contains the name of Jesus Christ.
Is it comparable to any other known requiem?
I think Brahms is one of composers whom you cannot confuse with anyone else. 
I believe that all music by Brahms should be performed as a chamber music. Even when Brahms use full big Orchestra and Choir. All musicians have to feel like they play chamber music. And it is very difficult for the performers! 
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